Justin Monroe

Imagine Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Joel Coen, Wes Anderson, and John Hughes all created a filmmaker baby. And then imagine that baby was raised in Oklahoma in the 1980’s. If such a person existed, Justin would have forced that kid to be his best friend. Justin Monroe is deeply inspired by the beauty, brokenness, quirks and humor of the human condition. He has spent the last two decades of his life striving to authentically capture that condition in songs or stories that may inspire and catalyze people to become more than they thought possible.

Both an artist and an entrepreneur, Justin began his creative ventures as a singer in a rock and roll band, touring across the country in a little van, doing most of his own marketing and booking. After studying film in Oklahoma and Los Angeles, he is now the founder and president of the award-winning production company, Tandem Arts. Justin has directed, written and produced numerous projects, both dramatic and comedic, since his filmmaking career began in 2005. His recent features include the award winning comedy, “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher,” the 2016 thriller, “The Unraveling,” and he just finished penning the surreal drama entitled, “Legume.” This current movie, “Magnifying Glass,” is Justin’s first feature-length documentary and will take his work to an entirely new place. But his passion to capture, reveal and inspire others by the human condition still remains his chief goal. Justin resides in Pasadena, CA with his wife and two children.